One Kickin' Interval

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Thank you for all your submissions! I have been teaching aqua for 11+ years and thought I was the only one who used aqua choreography, well, me and David Mesirow! Hope you enjoy this!

(rest by slow jogging between each of the next intervals)

Choreography block (I do a block either the first 20 min or the last 20 minutes of class, it's optional of course, sometimes I'll stick it in between for variety)

(I sometimes move forward or back with the kicks for variety)

Other interval drills include big kicks 4 sets, little fast kicks 4 sets; cowboy kicks side 4 sets, little fast side kicks 4 sets; 8 jacks on the floor of the pool, 8 jacks jumping up in the water, etc, use your own creative ideas!

If your class is in really good condition, you may want them to use weights or do 4 sets of each without resting. My classes like to work hard, so I usually do the slow sets, fast sets unless it is an exercise that gets them all out of breath quickly like the jumps. In that case, I have them do one slow set, one fast set until we have done 4 or 8 of each set. I have a lot of different choreography if anyone is interested...Email me with any questions! Corrie : )

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