This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 7855)

Groovy! This is basic but fast paced, my class really loved it. We did it at least 20 cycles through and we were screaming by the end. I will give you the finished product and then the breakdown at the end. Enjoy!

Start over; left arm jabs, kicks with opposite leg

I usually teach "jab jab cross" then they get that and I go to "jab jab cross kick front" then they get that and then I add "jab jab cross kick front shuffle shuffle shuffle shuffle...5,6,7,8..." Then we start that sequence at the back of the room, left arm jabs. I will add the kicks to the side/front after the shuffles always reminding them that the leg we kick is the one closest to the wall at the time. I say shuffle for the next 4 counts, but they know to "hop" for more of a plyometric thing, then the two jumps. We take that much from the top and then add the back kicks, being real careful on form with those alternating kicks because they are fast. I will teach them the 4 right, 8 alternating, 4 left, 8 alternating before doing 4 right, 8 alternating, take it from the top.

If anyone is able to use this, Yaay! My class is only 40 minutes so by the time we learn the block, it's time to cool down. They like that, it stops the clock-watching! : ) Email with questions! Corrie

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