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Hi fitness instructors and browsers to Turnstep. This is Goodboxerseyes and it has been a long time between submissions. Click on my name at the bottom of page for link to previous submissions.

I have been busy with my favorite hobby which is enhancing personal photos through Photoshop with customized backgrounds. It was through this hobby I came up with the idea of this new choreography. Email me if you have any questions on the choreography or would like to view my photo albums.


Start by double steps x 2 laterally right (8) then back (8) to get participants prepared. Then start to do a bob (or slip down in a squat type of motion and back up) with each double step while maintaining the double steps laterally. Next explain to them that you are going to show them how to do the next combination with bobs and double step going in a half diamond direction while they are continuing the double step with bobs.

It looks like this.

Think of yourself on a baseball diamond, starting on home plate and in front facing the pitcher.

Now tell them to follow you as you repeat these movements until everyone has caught on.

Half the diamond is complete. You can stay on this side for a while so the participants get used to the move. In the places that you have clapped at the top of the diamond and at the beginning again, you can add choreography that is an 8 count e.g. 4 half time punches to make it easy. Another good one when you have mastered this is left knee up, right front punch at half time, left front kick, and a right side kick.

From here you can go in the opposite direction of the diamond. Instead of going to first base now you are going to third base and then to second, back to third base and home again. Add combinations like you did the first time and repeat the choreography. Warm participants with lower back problems to ease off on how low they go into the bob.

This eats up a lot of time adding more choreography and they get a high aerobic workout. You will enjoy adding new additions to this basic DIAMOND choreography.

It really is a girl's best friend.


Looking forward to hearing from the Turnstep browsers again...Ted

Added by Ted Ducharme at 2:23 PM on Friday, September 29, 2000 EDT. Add to favorites (view favorites)
From: St. Thomas Ontario (Canada)
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