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Here are a few more ideas for spsorts conditioning, "boot camp" workouts" from this 58 year old former Army Fitness Officer.

1. Use 'follow-the leader " formats for warmups, particularly fun when you use a serpentine looping pattern to cover every inch of the studio as you power walk, jog, run, skip, bound, leap, shuffle and slide...forwards, backwards, sideways. Following the leader may be too stressful for some, and not vigorous enough for others. Use formats that allow people to go at their own pace.

2. Circuit: 14 stations, gatheres in the middle of our enormous studio, allow me to use a perimeter "track area". Every 3rd or 4th station is a perimeter cardio activity. Make each station a complex activity that combines upper and lower body; I like to avoid any exercise that isolates a muscle, because bodies do not operate that way. Bodies work through combinations or kinetic chains of muscle groups, to produce performance. I try to have some activites that involve a little rotation, diagonal moves, and staggered foot stances. Squats don't have to be done with the feet aligned evenly!... move one back a bit, and see what happens! Pushups can have one hand higher. Include diagonal upper body moves to work the core, too.

3. Team Circuit; Groups of 4 people work at a station that has 3 activities. The 4th is actually a "track activity: like run/skip/ etc. Teams maintain the spirit of mutual support. As each team completes the activities in each station, they move until all 4 or 5 stations are finished.

4. Finish: Catty-corner, divide class so half in line at opposite corners of room. First ones inline sprint, meeting in center with a jumping hi5, continue to run to opposite corner, tag next person in line, who then sprints to center, meeting opposite partner, etc. Throw in a nice cooldown, a little medicine ball passing for abs, some Pilates work on the floor, relaxation and stretching.. there's a fun class, and you did it! Enjoy; and let me know what you're doing! Thanks, Judy

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