Blizzard Workout

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I keep my members going by giving them scenarios to imagine as we work out. A recent deep water hit was "The Blizzard." This is long, but lots of fun. Be creative with it.

Members jog as you start story:
"A terrible blizzard hit your town, but you neglected to stock up on milk and bread beforehand so you must go to the store. The only way there is to cross-country ski through town. (Luckily you live near a store.) But first you must put on your clothes..."

Imitate someone putting on clothes: With knees wide, pull heels up, instruct them to "put on socks, pants, ski pants, boots, skis..." (Work the inner thighs here)

"Now grab your backpack and cross country ski out the door heading toward town." As we ski I make up names of streets we are traveling on, adding left and right turns every so often. They can actually travel across the pool or stay in-place for this. To add intensity I tell them we are going uphill (big, strong movements) or downhill, (quick, fast movements).

"Finally, we have arrived at the store where we must take off our clothes before we can shop." (Inner thighs again) "Then we jog through the store to get our items." (jog) "After putting your boots and skis back on (inner thigh) we decide to take a short-cut home."

The short cut involves climbing a fence or two (upright baby crawl motion) not an easy task, you tell them, with skis on. Finally, they are so tired they kick down the last fence. (front kicks) Once home they again take off their outer wear (inner thigh) and "make some hot cocoa"

I change my story a little each time I do it. Enjoy! Thanks for all the ideas.

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