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This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 9036)

Hey, the following pattern is one off my favorites. I hope someone out there likes it too!

Lead your participants into a V-step (right lead) and have them make 2 counts jabs to the front (right when you step forward and left when you step backwards) Cue into half tempo on the feet: so one slow V-step with four 2 counts jabs to the front (step right with right-jab, left with left-jab)

While they are busy doing so you show following pattern:

Have them join in

Repeat until You reach front of room and move backwards with jumping jacks

Move a few times forwards and backwards and speed up (2 counts becomes 1 count) Just warn that crosspunch will be done without knee in movement, no more turning of the upperbody but just diagonally punching) Move up and back as long as you wish.

Have fun

Sometimes I start with 32 counts V-step with jabs, change to 32 counts alternating heel lifts with uppercuts (slow 2 counts), 32 counts alternating heel lifts and uppercuts on tempo or as fast as possible, 32 counts alternating cross punches, 32 counts jumping jacks and 32 counts jump ups high (2 counts) and low (hop) but fast with clasping hands. Break down and put together.

Hope someone likes it. There always might be people who recognize parts of combinations. I tend to forget what is totally my own idea and what is a mixture of combinations I've seen from others.

Keep those ideas coming

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