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This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9057)

Hi, all of you fellow cardiobox instructors! Here's some fun combinations I use in my class. The men love it because it's not very complicated so if they feel they are uncoordinated, they can easily keep up and get a great workout without having to stop to figure out the choreography. Women love it, too. Okay...let's go!

Combo 1

(Facing left wall)

Repeat facing right wall. I transition with 8 jacks, turning around to other side as we do them, then go right into boxer shuffle to keep heartrate up.

Combo 2

(Line up on back wall, facing left the entire combo; you will travel to your right to the front of the room.)

Once you're at the front of the room, remain facing the left wall, only repeat everything on the left leg/side, and return back to the back wall.

*(Step right foot to the right side (1), then step left foot next to it as you chamber right leg (2), then do a side kick (3,4). Repeat for 2nd kick. I cue "step, step, kick; step, step, kick;" be sure and step out with right (lead) foot first.)

**(From the squat position, explosively plyo jump up as high as you can.)

Combo 3

(Stand at front of room, next to left wall, facing front. Have everyone line up behind you.)

Repeat left.

Combo 4

Repeat shuffles left, cross punching right arm to the left first.

That's all for now, but I'll post more later. In my CardioBox class I will intersperse the combos with various 2-minute cardio boosters. I'll include those later, too. Email me with any comments or questions. Thanks to all of you who post and give me so many great ideas! We rock!!! :)

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