Favorite Cool Down

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9092)

Our class does a fabulous cool down closing circle.
Class "can't" end without doing this.

First we all grab hands and circle up. Then we pull all the way back. Next, still holding hands, we run in to a close circle. Depending on time constraints we run back out again and in again. When we are on our final "in" we have a volunteer stand in the middle with our hands all around them (but not touching!!). Then we all bring our hands down in the water and back up to the surface rapidly for about 10 times. On the count of three we bring our hands out of the water and splash splash splash!!! (the ladies who don't like to get their hair wet love it!!)

It's great, they have no idea that they are getting a workout with their arms. They just love that its a whirlpool jet simulator!

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