Full Circle Step

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9098)

Step is horizontal. This combos are simple to complex (1-4), and I sandwich Kickbox steps (60 minute DRILLS) in between them. These are designed to be taught no faster than 128 BPM's. Each combo is a little more complicated than the one before. They are easy to remember, just remember these are the finished product. The work is in building them, which you can do so many different ways! I hope you have fun, and email me if you have any questions.

Combo #1: 32 Counts

* This is where you can have building differently here!

Combo #2: 32 Counts

** Repeat #1 & #2 on left lead*

Combo #3: 32 Counts

Combo #4: 32 Counts

++ This is a step up hamcurl 3 times on top of the step and exit down, into the corner to corner hamcurl.

- I like to build Combo #2 "Step kick corner to corner 3 times, then do the reverse V-step into another 3 step kick corner to corner and a reverse V-step".

- I build the "mambo cha cha" into 3 mambo's and sneak the cha cha as a visual preview first. Then have them practice it with me.

- I build combo #4's "turn straddle turn" with 4 turnsteps, and I do a visual preview of the turn straddle turn (sneak it in). And teach the reverse turn in half tempo (I have varied level students in my class).

There is something for everyone in this routine, my class really enjoyed it. If you have any questions, email me. I want to thank everyone who submits, I love having so much to choose from. Long Live www.turnstep.com!

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