April pattern

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9103)

                 W x           x E

This pattern is made up of some things that I picked up off this website and some that I stole from other instructors around town. Step is horizontal. Enjoy!


Starting on south side of step:

The above is self-reversing, so all the directions will be their opposites the second time through.

Block #2:

Starting on south side of step, right lead:

Block #3:

(to give everyone's brains a rest, including yours!)

Block #4:

(above is self-reversing)

Block #5:

Now you are ready to go back to block #1 and go through it all again!

* Revolving door: As in the turnstep dictionary, only in reverse, i.e. you are facing off the end of the step (first one, then the other), as you come full-circle.

** Ski step: I think some people call this a split step. It's just a basic step but with 2 alternating back lunges from the step before you return to the floor.

*** I usually go through this block 4 times, making this triple repeater three knees the first time, then 3 side lifts, curls, then the combination.

**** Mambo straddle: Start the mambo, then straddle down before completing the mambo, still facing the way you started.

***** Mambo straddle and over: Start the mambo straddle but instead of coming back to where you started from, go over the top on beats 5,6,7,8. No tapping down and you end up on the same lead leg, only facing the other side of the step.

****** Run-run: This is just a high-impact basic step, i.e. you "run" for the first 2 beats before stepping down to the floor.

******* V-slide: Start a V-step but step over to the side on beats 3&4. Then you are ready to do the 3-2-1 heel, 3-2-1- toe back moving up and down beside the step.

******** 3-2-1-heel, 3-2-1- toe back: Three marches on the floor with a heel tap to the front on beat four, then three marches back, with a toe tap to the back on beat four.

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