Athletic Hi/Lo #4

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from (pattern 9104)

Here's some more choreography from my 30-minute "Cardio Express" class. I start each block with a right lead.

Block A

Repeat with left lead.

* Turning step touch: Right foot steps to side (count 1), left foot taps next to it (count 2). Turning to face the back wall, left foot steps out (count 3) and right foot taps next to it (count 4). Facing the back, right foot steps out (count 5), left foot taps (count 6). Then turning to face front again, left foot steps out (count 7) and right foot taps next to it (count 8). You're now back where you started.

Block B

Repeat with left lead.

* Basic right: Just like a basic step from step aerobics. Right foot steps forward on count 1, left foot steps forward on count 2, right foot steps back on count 3, and left foot steps back on count 4. Really sit down into it to make it harder. Also add strong arms: both arms up on count 1, pull down on count 2, reach up again on count 3, pull down again on count 4.

Block C

Repeat (will be right lead again).

Block D

Repeat with left lead.

Flash: Variation on a V-step. Jump both feet out wide, then march back. Power jacks: Slow down the regular jack. Pull elbows out to side on the jump out, pull elbows down in front on the jump in.

Block E

That's it! The higher impact moves (such as the heel skips and jacks) can easily be modified to low impact.

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From: Victoria, BC (Canada)
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