Bootcamp Boogie

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What an awesome workout! Bootcamp utilizes strength, endurance, balance, athletic drills, and most importantly unity...I set the class up in 2 sections - one for stations (2 minutes at each station - total 6 minutes); one for "recovery" activities (2 minutes) (and warmup/cooldown/stretch)...


       **(wts&tubes)             xxxxxxxxxxx(benches-6)

               with u            [] [] [] [] (risers-6)
               c/d               xxxxxxxxxxx(benches-6)

(put tubes and weights off to the side - these will be utilized for the "recovery" portion)

Divide participants into 3 teams - remember # and when time for interval fall in line accordingly...

with U - 7-10 minutes - your choice (I utilize squat step outs in this portion)

1st set - Jumping jack - 2 minutes} 16 slow jax; 16 tempo; 8 move up; 8 move back; jack and jab in a circle pattern; 8 tempo

*takes us into Interval I*
2 minutes each - total 6 minutes
1st row vertical benches} on step - alternating lunge tap backs
Risers}weave run around
2nd row vertical benches} hop overs

**RECOVERY** 2 minutes CHEST
Go to area and grab tube; put behind back hold handles and push out for chest work - alternating right/left 8 counts; together 8; alternating right/left 6 - together 2; 8 tempo; 8 presses; 8 tempo- repeat

*takes us into Interval II*
2 minutes each - total 6 minutes
1st row vertical benches}straddle downs
Risers}suicides (start in with u area and run to 1st riser - turn, run half, turn - go to 1st riser, turn and sprint back - next goes)
2nd row vertical benches}fast feet (legs outside of bench - fast feet run down..)

Go to area and grab weights; alternating front; together; alternating 6; together 2 (repeat pattern as above); for back of deltoid - correct position - wide arm flys

*takes us into INTERVAL III*
2 minutes each - total 6 minutes
1st vertical benches} alternating squat hopovers
2nd vertical benches} alternating squat side leg lift squat hop overs

Go to area and grab weights; alternating side; together - same pattern; for top - press ups

Now it is time for endurance/balance 4 minutes - (squat sets}wide squats - lift knee - each side 8 times then alternating for 8; same pattern squat front kick; same pattern roundhouse kick; narrow squats 8; wide squats 8 - then power squats for 8; march it out)

Followed by a cardio set 2 minutes - (jump rope}singles, doubles, single single double, heels front - singles, doubles, single single double, kick front, jogs, power jumps)

Followed by cooldown/recovery (2 minutes each) - biceps - same pattern as recovery above; triceps - same pattern)

Pull out the mats and do erector spinae work 2 minutes; then abd work (detailed) 2 minutes

And lastly....

The much deserved STRETCH! :-)Make it loooooong and good!


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