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Explanations (all start on right foot for argument's sake).

Basic pump, V-shake: One basic step, one V-step. Pump straight arms up and down 2x on the basic. On the V, shake straight arms in front in a syncopated rhythm: left (count 1), right (count 2), left-right-left (counts 3-4). To help them get the idea on the shake, I say 'one, two, one-two-three' After they get it, you can just cue, 'Basic pump! V-shake!'

Jack and Jill: Up up and jack, down down and jack.

2 ham curls: Touch the heel behind you with your hand while raising the other arm straight up (right heel/left hand, left heel/right hand). I call it an "Outie" as opposed to an "Innie" where you raise the foot to the front and touch the heel with your hand.

Mambo to the back: Instead of traveling to the other corner of the step bench for the mambo, turn and face the back of the room for the mambo, then cha-cha back to the step. Starting from the step kick: (Count 1) step right foot on left corner of bench (2) kick left leg (3) left foot on floor (4) right foot steps back behind left foot (you should start turning to the back on this step) (5) facing the back, step left foot forward (this is the mambo) (6) step right foot in place on floor behind left foot (7-8) Quickly step left-right-left (AKA cha-cha-cha), turning back to the left corner of the step. Please note that a similar step appears in the next block, but reversed - you mambo to the corner of the step, cha-cha to face the back, step kick facing back, and walk back to the corner of the step.

3 Quick taps: Tap the toes quickly on the step bench. (Count 1) tap right foot on step (2) put right foot on floor, tap left foot on step (3) put left foot on floor, tap right foot on step (4) put right foot on floor. If you think it works better to do 4 taps instead of 3, and then go into the rocking horse, feel free to experiment. Another option is to do 2 half-time taps ((count 1) put right foot on step, left foot on floor (2) hold in place (3) quickly switch feet so left foot is on step, right foot is on floor (4) hold in place).

Rocking Horse: one ham curl, one knee lift, one ham curl.

Mambo: On this mambo, you can experiment with either doing the mambo and then traveling (cha-cha-ing) to the other corner of the step for the L-step, OR doing the mambo and remaining on the same corner for the L-step. It works either way.

Stomp and Straddle: Starting from feet together, facing side (Count 1) right foot stomps on step (2) left foot steps on floor (3) right straddles on floor on other side of step (4) left steps on floor (5) right stomps on step (6) left steps on floor (7) right rocks back behind left (8) left steps on floor. For all practical purposes, the left foot never moves from its place. If people have trouble understanding that, I exaggerate it and keep the left foot totally still while the right foot stomps and straddles.

Thanks as always to the people from whom I borrowed parts of this routine. Please feel free to email with questions, comments, or feedback.

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