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This was a great workout and lots of fun too. (It works best with a smaller group) I used questions from the game "Cranium", facts, true/false, word definitions, spelling words forward, or backwards. I put the cards at both ends of the pool and I'm "Regis". Start in the shallow end with a jog or any aerobic movement during the question and each person has a turn to be the group spokesperson and has to give their answer in 15 seconds. I read the question and if the group gets it wrong, we have to crawl (like a baby-with or without belts or floatation) 1 length. At the other end begin a new aerobic move in the shallow, such as cross country ski, or jumping jacks, etc. until everyone is there and working. Ask the next question and get the next person to be the group spokesperson. They continue answering questions as long as they answer correctly and you can change the movements with each new question, but if they get the answer wrong, this time they do 2 lengths, first one crawl, 2nd one crab walk (or your choice of moves). When they get finished with their lengths, have them start a new aerobic movement in the shallow water until everyone is there and ready to answer the next question. This continues and if they miss, you add a length. The most they've missed in my class in the allotted time has been 7 lengths and believe me, they didn't want to miss any more!!

I would just keep repeating the lengths like this:

If you prefer to stay shallow the whole workout, you could keep increasing interval lengths with each missed question as another option. Example:

In between the wrong answers, have them do regular pace aerobic moves, such as karate kicks, straight kicks, kick swings, inside ankle touches, outside ankle touches, etc. while you're asking the next question.

Any trivia questions will do and it's nice to bring everyone together as a team. Any questions, email me. Have fun.

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