Step the south african way

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This is my first submission. In South Africa majority of the instructors are trained under Reebok Instructors Alliance. The terminology used to describe moves I hear is international so I hope you understand the choreography. Feel free to email me if you need further explanation. THANKS FOR ALL THE GREAT PATTERNS!

(lead leg) (counts) choreography

Block one (64 count)

Repeat left lead

Block two (32 count)

Repeat left lead

Block three (32 count)

Repeat left lead

(*)L-no tap - you start the move directly after you wiggle your heel, there is no tap down before you start your L-step. Left foot on step (1), right foot on floor (2), left foot on floor behind right foot (like a behind front/rock back) 3,4, exit like a normal L-step.

(**)10 point mambo, this moves starts like a conventional L-step, but there are no taps and it cross phrases the music. - right foot up on left end of step (1), left foot on floor (2), right foot on step (3), left foot exits on floor (4), right foot exits on floor (5), left foot on right end of step (6), right foot on floor (7), left foot on step (8), right foot exits on floor (9), left foot exits (10).

(***)variation of the two knee repeater - step up right, lift left knee, (counts 1 and 2) place left heel on step (3), lift left knee up again (4), exit counts 5 and 6.

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From: Durban (South Africa)
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