Killer Quads

This is a BoxAerobics pattern from (pattern 9165)

These combos are good to put in toward the end of the class when you want to finish off the quads.......

Make sure you have taught them front kicks.

Combo 1: Almost burpees

Some will begin to get sloppy as they fatigue so keep an eye on how tired they are getting.

Combo 2: Use a step (horizontal)

Do 8, always using the same leg. Then change to singles (instead of pulsing 3).

8 Squats standing on the bench, then change legs.

* To make it harder, hold heavy weights.

** To make it even harder, change move 2. to front kick (cue "lunge 3, 2, 1, front kick" then do singles "lunge back, front kick"). Do 8 of each (pulse 3 then 8 singles), then change leg.

Watch out for cheaters who will want to push off with the back leg instead of making that front quad do all the work.

This combo can also be done in a step class.

I hope this is clear. If not, email me and I'll try to explain it better.

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