One legged squats

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Have participants face into a substantial object they can hold onto, i.e., a bike, cabinet, etc. Have them pull navel to spine, lift ribcage and put weight on the right foot. Right knee is soft, bend left leg to a right angle. Now cue them "sit down and back, lift up and forwards, keeping eyes on the horizon at all times". I usually have them do 24 singles, 2/2 4X, 3/1 4X, 1/3 4X THEN 4 counts down, pulse twice at the bottom and up for 2 counts. Do THIS 4X. Have them single it out again for 8. Now have them take it down (glutes no lower than knee obviously) and do 3 at the bottom. Cue "press 2, 3 and lift" You come up on the fourth count. Do THIS 8X. Single out for 4, have them hold it down on the 4th one and take the bent leg back and down, hands to waist and repeat above sets and reps with free-standing, stationary lunges. Switch for same same thing on the other side. They'll love 'ya!

Come on all you muscle-conditioning afficionados, share!! We need new ideas, I mean HOW many ways can you DO a squat and lunge?

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