****Aerodynamic!!! Working the room K.F.T GR3

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9189)

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Hi everybody. I am back to share with you an aerodynamic sequence!!! Put your favorite cd on the deck and jam to the beat.

IT'S TIME TO MOVE YOUR FEET!!! For the TAP FREE maniacs!!!

Imagine that you are looking forward name the walls you can give names such as "beach" or "mountain" if the room is looking on the mountain etc.

 front wall (FR)
 side right wall (SR)
 back wall (BW)
 side left wall (SL) 

Phrase 1 32 counts right/left

Don't change your focus stay (SR)!!!!!

Phrase 2 32 counts left/left

Phrase 3&4 64 counts left/right

Repeat PHRASE 1 with the left lead on the last pivot turn face (SR) and do the PHRASE 2 with right lead finally turn again to the front wall -on the walk around face- and repeat from the begining

This is a whole pattern that makes the class working the room!!! Tommorow I will give you 2 more Phrases so you can use it on the (BW) and on the (SL) wall till then KISSES in my country we call FELAKEA!!! The whole pattern is member tested and aproved to make you sweat!!

The site is fabulous thank thank thank you (efxaresto in the Greek language!!)

E N J O Y !!!! :)

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From: Alimos, Athens (Greece)
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