A Fun Idea

This is a Body Sculpting pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9813)

I just did this in my class about 1 hour ago, it went over very well, so I thought I would share.

I typed up a sheet of paper like the one below and had everyone fill it out on the way in the door then put them in a stack. I pulled them out one by one and followed what they had written. We of course did lots of buttock, and ab work but that was one thing that made it so fun! Sometimes we would do one booty move then the next sheet would be another one! Just be prepeared to have lots of ideas for each body part! Cause there is no telling what you will have to come up with on very short notice.

shoulders             Circle 2 body parts that you would 
biceps                like to work on today
back (upper)          OR:
back (lower)
abs (upper)           Describe a specific exercise you would
abs (lower)           like to do:
abs (obliques)        ___________________________________________
outer thigh
inner thigh           ___________________________________________
quads                 ___________________________________________
Other: ________________________

If your class is really large you may want to have them only pick one exercise or body part. My class only has about 12 people. The class had a great time and everyone got to work what they wanted, and the best part was.....I didn't have to plan a class!

Email me with thoughts, ideas, or changes that could be made!

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