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This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 9814)

A lot of you may already do this but I love it and my classes do too, plus it is a great way to exhaust the muscle quickly if you are short on time:

Use a tube (spri tubing) and hand weights together. Do a set with both, a set with just the tube, then a set with just weights, then finish up with a short set with both tube and weights again. I usually do sets of 8 full range, 8 count hold then 8 pulse for each one. Then on the last set with tube and weights I do 4, 4 count hold, 4 count pulse.

This can be done for several different muscle groups here are some examples:

Bicep: stand on tube and hold handles, and a set of heavy weights in hand also. Bicep curls for 8, hold center for 8, pulse 8, drop weights, then repeat with just tube, drop tube grab weights repeat (keep tube under feet cause you will use it again in a second) then grab tube and weights again. You can of course vary you moves, hammer curls, arms turned out etc.

Triceps: hold handle of tube in one hand and a hand weight, grab the tubing behind your back with the other hand. Do your sets with both, tube only, weight only, then both again, switch arms. Or: Kickbacks: put tubing under bench and stand on top grab handles bend over slightly and do kickbacks with the same combo of tube & weights, tube, weight, then both again

Chest: tube is under bench, lie flat on bench with hands in handles and weights in hand (you may want to put a mat on top of your bench) then do chest press or flys in the same order.

Shoulders: tube goes under bench again, sit on end of bench and do shoulder presses. Or: You can stand on tube and do lateral or frontal raises.

Back: stand on tube, bend over til body is at 90 degree angle and do rows, elbows out or elbows in at sides

I hope this is easy to understand. Give it a try and let me know what you think, email me with any questions you may have about any exercise and I can describe it in more detail. Or use the same moves you use in your class now but add both tube and weights, give me your ideas too! I love to try new things!

Thank you to everyone who's ideas I have stolen from this web site!

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