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This is a Body Sculpting pattern from (pattern 9817)

Hi everyone, I found this idea in a magazine then added my own spin on it, hope you like it as much as I do.

I warmup with regular lunges

The pattern I use is


Drop to 1 knee, hands on floor on each side of your front foot
Lift up 2 and down 2 [4 times] keep hands on floor [like a runner getting ready for the race.]
Now just move up and down to music tempo for 2 more sets of 8.
This is very challenging so you may need to modify. To make it easier, take the knee that's on the floor and move it back away from the front foot. To make it harder, move the knee closer to the front heel

Have fun, and don't forget to do both legs....

Now using same leg positon, go down on your hands and 1 knee, with hands on each side of the front foot, lift butt up 2 down 2 for 8 counts, [keep your hands on the floor] then go to music tempo for 2 more sets of 8. This is very challenging to the hamstrings of the front leg, to make it easier move the back leg away from the front foot and to make it more difficult bring the knee of the back leg closer to the front heel. Imagine a runner getting ready to start a race just before the gun goes off, that's the position

Good luck and be prepared to feel this one.

As always, be sure to cue proper form, chest lifted, head in neutral eyes forward and ab's tight.

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From: St. catharines, Ontario (Canada)
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