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Thank you for all the info I have learned from everyone here!

In my Sports Conditioning class, we start out with a obstacle course.

                 x      x      x     x             chairs for dips
 (pushups)       x      x      x     x
                 (figure 8 shuffle around balls)

   xxxxx                                                 xxxx
     /                 jumpropes                   benches for rowing
   xxxxx                                                 xxxx

("wire" to dip/squat 
               x      x      x      x            squats with
start          x      x      x      x             two bars
               x      x      x      x

This is the basic setup. I go through each and show the form and give a number of reps for each item: Like - 3x's through course, hurdle forward 1st time, side ways right next, sideways left next (plyometrics), then squat 20x's, then 20x bench rowing (steps with risers and body bar), then 30x's rumprope - options, chinups (10-15)- hand position options and leg options for hi or lo (15 risers at the ends of two steps, with a long body bar across, stabilized by 20 pounds on each side and a mat between/underneath), then to dips (20x's)- two chairs, body between chairs - options hi or lo, shuffle through the balls figure 8, then mats - pushups 15-20 with options (push up go arounds - 1 push up then go 1/4 turn with arms then next one etc./ or plyometric pushups- use step bench and have them push up ('jump up") their hands to the bench, go down and pushup (jump with hands) off the bench forward, or a balance board for hands (later add feet), also options of hi or low.

We end this all with 2x's up and down the stairs before the next time around the course. The course requires watching people closely for form and encouraging them with what they can do or to try the next level. We change around the elements in the obstacle course portion each week, but try to keep to an interval style of changing muscle groups, going from cardio/aerobic to muscle work.

The warmup consists of active stretch interspersed with walk/jog in a circle, shuffles to the side, jumping jacks, squats, range of motion. The obstacle course goes about 20 minutes. Then I send them on the track backwards or forwards for 3-2-1- laps depending on who finishes first so as to "unstagger" the group and get them back in (I clean up some equipment while they are on the track), then we come in for muscle - usually squats with bars, then squat lifts (lift one foot), then squat, then lunge with bar to the other end of room (bar held in military press position), then squats again with bars. Then windsprints on track 3x's around. (Use whistle! and cheer) -sometimes I run the last one with them. Then it is back for some other kind of deal. Either human wheelbarrows, tug of war, dodge ball, scooters (balance on belly and row self across the room) or partner scooter (haul partener across room- both on scooters- lead person pulls with arms, passenger holds onto leaders ankles), or ball oblique (partner up stand back to back and pass ball around from side to side, changing directions. Keep hips "seat belted" in - immobile for a really good isolation of the obliques/torso/abdominals. This can be done with a medicine ball also), partner ball overhead, between legs (like last one only ball goes between legs and up over head/reverse directions - again can do with medicine ball), or somthing like that.

Then we move (time allowing) to stations 1-2 minutes for wall sits (pretend sitting on a wall-back to wall, good quad workout), plank, balance board sitting/ball sitting, decline ball toss (partners, one on decline bench -made from a step bench- with mat on top, other partner stands at the feet. The standing one throws the ball to decliner who goes into a crunch position to catch ball, then lifts ball over head (if prefer, or can catch at chest and hold), then throws to standing partner (delcliner in crunch position again). This can be done with medicine balls also. Other stations can be any other number of things.

Then we stretch it out and go - all in 50 minutes!

If you have any questions or want to share any "other" other patterns/ideas, please email with subject line "sports conditioning."

Thanks! Have fun!

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