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Hi again
Did this last week but have made some changes.
Pretty much got most of the ideas from all of you.
Thanks again for submitting !

Board is vertical; right leg lead - explanations below






* X-step
Step up middle of board and straddle forward 1-4 step up middle of board and straddle back 5-8 (this will leave you in the straddle postion - ready for your pivot turn)

** Turning L
Normal L-step travelling right. Instead of coming back step off to the front. e.g. left lead right corner. Up left with right knee to corner, step off to the side down down up right with left knee this will take you to the other side of the board.

*** Reverse V
Just a wide step or V-step going backwards. Check out the turnstep dictionary.

**** Quick funky knee
Right lead - step up right&left (as if you were to go over the top) 2 right knee other side of the board and step off right & left. This can also be done slowly with one knee and stepping at half time.

***** Walk the plank
I do this as follows. Diagonal step over 1-4 Pivot turn and walk towards the board 5-8

****** Squat step
Like the funky knee but you step up up lunge off to the other side and pendulum back onto the board and off. Step up up 1-2 Lunge off to the side 3-4 Pendulum back up and off 5-8

Any Q's Please email me
Hope you enjoy

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From: Townsville (Australia)
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