Great Lower Abs Partnering!

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 9831)

This is a great exercise for the lower abs. The partnering makes it fun, and REALLY works those lowers --- you won't believe this till you try it!

Partner (a): lays on the floor, feet facing ceiling.
Partner (b): stands on floor behind (a's) head (just behind the shoulders).

Partner (a) grabs hold to Partner (b's) ankles and holds on, then does leg raises (simultaneous). Meanwhile, Partner (b) who is standing waits for the legs to come up and "pushes" (a's) legs back down.

This puts resistance to the traditional leg raise type exercise, on the part going down. Gravity works on the part raising up.

Just let the students do these till they can't do anymore. I think about 25 is the burn out stage on these, buy some participants won't be able to do that many of these.

Anyone else have any good lower abs? After a baby, mine need it!tton

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