Non-stop step - Shuffle Strike

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Step is horizontal; start with a right lead.
32-count combo:

Repeat other lead

* Boxer repeater
Step up right foot, knee lift with left knee (1,2), step down left foot but keep right foot on the bench and bend at the knees into a slight squat position while punching left and right (3,4), lift back up (right foot is still on the bench) into a knee lift (5,6) and then exit down left and right (7,8).

** Shuffle strike
This *great* move came from a workshop I attended.
With the left foot on the bench shuffle down the bench towards the east wall (1,2), the right foot stomps the ground on the east side (close to the short end of the bench) on count (3), left foot steps on the ground on the north side count (4), rotate around to face west with right foot stepping on ground count (5), left foot stomps the bench on count (6) (you will be facing west), rotate around left foot, right foot to face east (7,8). You end up facing east, on the north side of the bench.

***Over the top
You'll go over the top right lead and then revolve (or turn) to face the southwest corner of the bench. This sets you up to do the hamstring curl, right lead on the southwest corner.

You can substitute 3 alternating shuffle turns for the shuffle strike, over the top portion of the combo (or use to breakdown the shuffle strike). For cueing purposes, I call out the counts: "1, 2, strike, 4, 5, strike". Hence, the name "shuffle strike" (instead of calling out "stomp") -- your choice. It's a lot of fun and the class participants really get into it once they catch the move.

Questions? Drop me an email.

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