Team it up for Fun

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I have been teaching a class that somewhat bootcamp but we do it in teams.

Some things I have done are:

Dodge ball- One team throws the balls, the other team is in the middle of the room dodging the balls. We use the big exercise balls to throw, which don't hurt when you get hit. I time how long it takes for the last person of the team in the middle to get hit with a ball. The teams rotate in and out about 10 times and the team with the lowest total time wins the event.

I've used treadmills and bikes where each team has to run, walk, bike a certain distance or time and the team that goes the furthest in a specific amount of time or goes a specific amount of distance in the shortest time wins. The teams can rotate at any time so only one person from each team goes at a time.

I like to incorporate knowledge so I do relays where they do some obstacle course to the other side of the room, have to answer a question that is fitness or nutrition related and then do the obstacle corse back and the next person goes. The team that gets so many questions correct first wins.

Hope you can use these ideas.


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