Kauai Low Impact Mix - August - fresh from IDEA

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9843)

Once again the IDEA convention proved to be a great resource for fresh moves and concepts following is some choreography I'm currently using. Along with this I'm utilizing the concept of perceived exertion - telling my students to listen to and rate their work level on a scale of 1-10 - during the "work" sessions I want them to raise that level to an 8 which means they are working harder then usual, may be a little out of breath, incorporating a little more impact as their joints allow to encourage better bone density. Here it goes:

Funky chasse right & left, opposite arm pulls across
Brush step hold: just like a step touch but you brush the foot coming in along the floor and in front of you and hit down strong with the opposing arm so that you are using your obliques.
You choose the # of reps and how you mix it up

WORK: examples - step touches with quick arms punching front and up, becomes plyometric then bring it back down

I dream of Jeannie: legs are wide, arms cross in front of body @ shoulder level, palms down - bring knuckles up together in strong arm hinge movement (counts 1 & 2) then slap front of thighs and butt (3 & 4) very fun, tell your students you want to hear that slap especially on the butt! Once the arms are mastered incorporate a hip swing right, left, right, left while doing the Jeannie then do a single single double hip (right, left, right, right) do another Jeannie and then the single single double hip goes left, right, left, left

Hold on the spot and do a bump: drawing a half circle behind you hit right hip forward, circle back, then left hip forward - do a # of singles then do doubles with shorter range of motion - the first time I did this I had comments from students who couldn't believe how much they felt their obliques and hips the next day which is a good thing.

WORK: examples - ham curl with long arms pulsing straight back and then thumbs together behind your body, plyometric skate and then tempo run

From here I run through choreography from the top leaving out the work phases and add on:

Walk forward right lead (4 count) with a shoulder shimmy, arms straight out to side, hip circle 2 x's to the right and then chasse back right, left and walk 4 to change lead to left - can make the walk a walk around to the lead side as you travel back.

Volta: cross walk left - step right across and left across - torso faces forward with knees going left sinking as you step - long arms go out to the right at chest height as you cross and then left (4 counts) then march 2 counts on the spot, hold and clap 3 with hands up by your head, repeat to the right with the left lead - use lots of flare

Hand wash: long arms out from chest palms flexed to mirror, wrists close together wave and switch hands gently alternating softening one knee then the other then hold for knee pops: stronger alternate softening knees sticking butt out and moving down and up

WORK: squat on the spot, change to triple pulse squat (pulse down 3 and up one) then add a plyometric hop on the 1 up urging high knees.

Run through choreography from the top again and run through the work segments all at one time and your students will have had a great workout. You can substitute whatever you like for the work segments, good to keep it simple though like jumping rope or skiing side to side and good to have options for those who can't handle the impact which is why I always build it up. This is pretty much a cardio interval class with the point being getting your students familiar with listening to the level they are really working at and learning what their capacity is. Of course this choreography is very fun with Latin music but any kind of dance music will work.

Have fun and keep on dancing, Petrina

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