Kauai Core Workout

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Every Monday I finish the last half of my low impact class doing core work, much of which is based on Mat Science, an AFAA program I highly recommend. The following exercises are based on the same concept but utilize the body bar, this information was obtained both from workshops at the IDEA convention and from videos called "Master Your Body" by Body Bar which I also highly recommend. Here's what I did last week.

Standing with the body bar feet hips width apart or wider (I recommend a slightly lighter weight then you would use for straight strength work, I usually use a 15 pound bar but found that to be too much for some of these especially towards the end) - press the bar away towards the right side and sweep up to the ceiling facing front, turn to the left from your waist and bring the bar down, repeat starting from the left. Make it a nice long smooth movement.

Come down to the floor onto a mat do a T stand (sidelying, lifted on your left arm which is long - if wrists are weak can do this on forearm), legs are scissored, back leg in front (or stacked to make it harder)- from here perform a one arm row holding the top of the bar, leaving the bottom of the bar on the floor. Do 10 - 15 reps.

Release down, release bar, take a side lying figure 4 position (top leg steps in front, foot flat on the floor bottom leg is extended long) - on your left forearm do active lateral lifts, 10 - 15 reps.

Hold up on your forearm and do an oblique crunch, leg can be long and scissored or bottom knee can be on the floor, top arm hand will be behind your head - holding your body up off the floor crunch right side down towards the floor, 10 - 15 reps.

Because of the tension that builds in your shoulders and traps, you may choose to do only 2 of the 3 exercises or just mix one in with another type of workout.

Laying on your back with the bar held in your hands extended behind your head perform roll up, heavy legs bring the bar with you and do a military press once you are up. Take it nice and slow, choose your reps.

Then switch to the other side for the side lying exercises.

There are many more great ideas in the Master Your Body body bar videos which was one of the more innovative ideas I found at the IDEA convention.

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