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Pretend you have an 18 inch square drawn on the floor. Each corner has a number - starting with the top right corner which is #1, top left is #2, bottom right is #3 and bottom left is #4. March inside your square. Now march on the side lines. Go to a step-tap on the side lines. Now move your step tap to the top corners - right corner, then left corner. then travel this step tap to the bottom corners - right, then left. Keep traveling this step tap from the top to the bottom corners. Now try to "get some air" - by changing the step tap to what is called a leap, that is: land the right foot on the top right corner (#1) and lightly tap the left foot next to it. Land the left foot on #2 and lightly tap the right foot next to it. Land the right foot on #3 and lightly tap the left foot next to it and land the left foot on #4 and lightly tap the right foot next to it. These landings come from moving the body in the air without one or both feet being on the ground. Sort of jumping from one side to the other. Once you can do this easy leap, make your body go higher in the air before each landing. Now once you can do the higher leaps, change over to a jump....instead of one foot landing followed by the other both feet, together, at the same time on each of the four corners. If you can do this with a low, easy jump, try it now with more "air" - a higher jump. (each of the jumps or the leaps will equal 2 counts) (also, in between each completion of moving to the 4 corners with either a leap or a jump, put in an active recovery aerobic repetition - that of the regular step tap.) Email me if you want more of this - harder, easier, combos, more terms, more info on aero/anaero movements

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From: Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey (USA)
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