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This is a BoxAerobics pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9863)

I'm a first time contributor, but want to take just a second here to thank ALL of you for your time and input. I continually use this site to add spice to my classes (I also blame y'all for anything they don't like - works like a charm.) ;-)

You can break this down however, but I just do a few of each to show right form, then we just pull it together for some serious cardio.

This is self-reversing

*Machine kick (probably called different things) is simply balancing on left leg while right leg is kicking furiously out to the side at a double time speed. Remind them to bend the leg they're standing on and point toe out slightly. Remind them that the leg kicking, foot should be flexed and toe and knee facing front. (y'all know that already - ya just never know how much to explain)

**Squat double time with jump turn - I cue as squat 3 with jump. It's a pulsing squat 3 times for a count of 6 (remember tempo is around 55 so the counts go quickly). The 7-8 count is jumping and turning left to face side of room. Now you are ready to repeat the combination.

I do this combo same lead in a square, than reverse it in a square changing lead and direction.

Hope ya'll get it - it's advanced and fun :-)

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