BB Advanced Tapless Combo

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 9859)

Here's another tapless, advanced step combo. Horizontal. Self-reversing.


Drunken Sailor: Facing west, skate right foot on bench (1,2), then skate right foot on floor on the north side of bench (3,4). Hop on right foot on floor 2 counts (5,6) while turning around to face east (left shoulder moving back), then hop on left foot 2 counts on north side of bench (7,8). Do it again and you'll be back where you started. I usually break this down with out the turn first, then I demonstrate the turn. You can double time the first 4 counts to add intensity.

Power Skip Up: Up right, lift knee a bit and hop like a skip (1,2), up left same thing (3,4), step down on the north side of the bench right and left turning counter clockwise so that you are ready to go back up on the step right lead (5,6), step back up on bench right and left (7,8).

Knee ON/OFF: Facing northeast on top of bench. Left foot remains on bench, right toes to floor on south side and lift right knee (1,2), step down on south side of bench right, left, right (walking away from bench in a southwest direction) and lift left knee (3,4,5,6), walk back to bench left, right (7,8). Now you are ready for the other side!

Any questions, email me!

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From: Tucson, Arizona (USA)
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