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Hope you enjoy this easy pattern. I call only North, South, East or West, and participants must face in that direction. Lots of fun for those who have trouble with directions!!!!! Arm movements remain the same for each direction, just vary the legs, add your own if you like! Start with the leg movements you prefer, then add directions and arms. I usually stand at North, which I choose for the hardest move, for example,

*Repeat with cross country legs

*Repeat with heels back

*Repeat with pendulum legs

**Cossack Dance, get the class to assume a sitting posion with their toes pointed and touching the floor. Then have them raise each foot first to the front for 8 times, then to the sides for 8. Now comes the hard part, they have to raise both feet to the front 8 times, toes together, then to the sides as well. Cue point the toes and shoulders back to try to keep them in a seated position.

Have fun and enjoy, any Q's please email me

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From: Adelaide, South Australia (Australia)
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