Split Basic Trick (tapless)

This is a Step pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9896)

32 counts, reversing, platform horizontal. Assume right foot lead. Note: "Exit" means dismount "down, down" with no tap.

The first 16 counts reverses the pattern and is a tried and true oldie:

The second 16 counts is more complex. See below for teaching breakdown.

"Split Basic Trick" is the last 8 counts and brings you back to the home side of the platform:

Repeat from the top leading with left leg.

Teaching breakdown:

Repeat other side, then:

Now have them join you. Do Drop-squat / tic toc / arabesques / 1/2 revolving door, basic, 1/2 revolving door, basic again

Then practice Split Basic Trick on the other leg.

Practice long version a couple of times:

Finish by cutting it down to the final version.

By introducing everything except the Split Basic in the warm up and using this breakdown, my extremely mixed skill level class was able to get it! It's cool.

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