The Butterfly

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 9899)

The usual lying on the back -have them hug in their knees for a moment to press the lower back into the mat. Feet go down, turn out the knees and press the soles of the feet together. Lower portion of the abs tight, glutes squeezed, feet keep pressing together - maintain this position the entire time !!

Hands behind the head, lift the shoulder blades up off the mat in the typical fashion - maintaining that form !! Lotsa cueing - glutes tight, breathe, etc. To make it a little harder, on the down swing don't release the upper portion of the rectus ab. - in otherwords, don't totally lie into the mat, keep it all tight.

One more addition - add the rope climb. Reach up with the hands (one hand can stay the head for neck support). Alternate the hands reaching up like climbing a rope, sort of rocking side to side (brings in the obliques a bit). Finally - reach up with both hands, link the thumbs together and try to maintain that height while bringing the hands down (elbows by the ears) & then take it all down slowly.

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