Workin' those Noodles

This is an Aquatic pattern from (pattern 9904)

I got this idea after reading all your noodle workouts. I teach deep water but I'm sure you can modify to shallow.

Divide your class into two groups (if you have two different colored noodles, have one group use one color and the other group use another). The idea is to have one group stay in place doing a move and the other group travel with another move. Here it goes:

Begin with both groups lined up at each side of the pool.

Group A (stationary): with noodle, do a flutter kick rotating torso side to side, keeping the noodle on the surface of the water (works obliques)

Group B (travelling): Travel towards Group A with cross-country ski, rotating torso side to side.

When Group B reaches Group A, they switch. Now, B is stationary and A is travelling.


That's all I have for now but if you can come up with more ideas. Hope it's nmot too confusing. Email any questions.

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