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It has been awhile since my last submission. This is my current set of tapless choreography for an intermediate/advanced step class. Some are borrowed from others on this site (Thank You!) and one from a really great presenter at IDEA World Fitness (his name escapes me at the moment).

Combo 1

(begin right lead)

Combo 2

(begin left lead)

Combo 3

(begin right lead)

(I hold the straddles at one end of the bench.)

Combo 4

(begin left lead)

Combo 5

(begin right lead)

---this one flows really, really well once they know it

Combo 6

(begin left lead)

---this one is fairly simple, but travels a lot and can be made very powerful

* Revolving Door: Over the bench right (counts 1-2), step down & turn around (3-4), over the bench right again (5-6), step down & turn around (7-8)

** Boomerang: A knee repeater with a pivot over the bench for one tap and back to home side.

*** Pendulum: A repeater variation--begin right lead, one knee (1,2), kick out side to side 4X left, right, left, right (3-6), step down (7-8)

**** Figure 8: (lead right) Repeater knee travelled around left end of step (1-6) into a straddle (7-8). Repeater knee, leading left, around the other end of the step (1-6) into a straddle (7-8).

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