Building Sweat

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Thanks to all of you for your ideas. My classes have enjoyed all of the ones I've used. I use this one when I want to get their heart rates up. Step is horizontal.

Block 1

Right foot lead

Block 2

Block 3

From top of step:

Repeat with left foot lead.

I build this up by starting with the turns and kicks from side to side, by doing 3 turns and 1 knee. Then I add the A-step and do it all.Then add the rest. It really gets their heart rates up when they add the jumps on the out out in in.

* It's just like doing out out in in on the floor, except you have the step under you. With left foot step down, keep right foot on top but lift it off the step and back down to keep the beat. Then left foot goes back to top of step and right foot step again. When the left foot comes back to the top, that's where they can add a jump on to of the step if they want.

Hope this is clear. Let me know if you have ?. KD

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From: Bettendorf, Iowa (USA)
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