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I've been teaching a 'group weight training' class for a few years now. It has evolved over time and now we focus on core stability. It has become my favourite class to teach and the attendance is fantastic.

First balance Exercise.

Do eight little squats emphasizing form - pretend you are sitting on a chair; knees only go part way over the foot so you should always see at least your big toe; bottom goes towards the wall behind you. Hold weights on hips for this sequence.

Progress to 8 squats with a knee lift, 8 squats with a side leg lift (abductor) then 8 squats with a glute squeeze and back to the side for 8 squats with side leg lifts again.

Start by alternating legs so participants are not balancing on one leg for more than eight moves. Then do two sets of one exercise ie 16 squats/knee lifts right, 16 left and so on.

Once participants are comfortable about standing on one foot for that long, do all four directional moves on one leg ie "knee/sideleg/glute squeeze/side leg" on one side, then change to the other side.

Once this is no longer a challenge, reverse directions. Start with squat/glute squeeze and work in the opposite direction ie squat glute/squat side leg/squat knee lift/squat sideleg. It's amazing how this fairly simple change creates havoc with balance!!

Any questions or comments, drop me a line.


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