Human Chain

This is an Abs pattern from (pattern 9931)

This one is fun for something different...

Have your participants in the basic crunch position (flat on the floor, knees bent, feet flat), but in a straight line so that the first person has their head resting on the top of the person's feet who is behind them, and so on. (I don't recommend anymore than 4 people per chain, as they will have too much rest time in between crunches) Hand a 5 pound weight to the last person in the chain. This person will do a full situp and hand the weight to the person in front of them (they will grab it overhead), who in turn will do a full situp to the person in front of them etc. After each pass of the weight, they need to return to a flat position. The last person to get the weight still needs to do their situp, (they've tried to cheat with no luck! :-) ) then lower back down and start it moving back the other direction handing it backwards over their head.

To make it more difficult, speed it up!

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