Really advance!!

This is a Step pattern from (pattern 9940)

Bench is horizontal. All combos self-reversing.

Combo 1 (64 count)

Facing side left of the bench, right lead

Combo 2 (64 count)

Facing front, right lead

Combo 3

Facing front, right lead


SKI is hop on the bench, do 2 switch legs, get down and do a tap or a tap up and down, but really fast (8 count)

REPEATER OVER is 2 knees repeater + over the top (8 count) to be on the other side of the bench

SPIN is you start like a basic but it's 360 (full turn) (4 count)

V-STEP PASS FRONT is start as a V-step then get down forward the bench (not back like usually)

REPEATER SWITCH is 1x knee, 2 fast tap the step with foot right and left, 1 knee and get down (8 count)

REPEATER-L is, you are at the end of the bench but facing front, right foot on the bench, 2 knees left repeater and switch your leg, left on the bench and get down with the right, to come back facing front (8 count)

REPEATER ISLAND is 1 knee at corner, 3 little tap with 1/2 cercle,then 1 knee and get down (8 count)

REPEATER TWIST is 2 knees repeater, get down and do 2 twist on the floor (8 count)

REPEATER WEAVE is facing side right of the bench. 1 side leg (left) (1-2), straddle down (3-4), foot left on the bench (5), leg curl weave to be back of the side of the bench (8 count)

You can do just one of these to the right and to the left side, but you can also do it all to the right and after all to the left...that complicate a bit!

This is the first time that I contribute to this site and I'm a french person, so I hope you will understand!!! If not, email me. Thanks and enjoy!

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