Take It All Off !!!!

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Trying to think of something fun and different, I came up with the idea of Strip Cycle. The idea was influenced by the Full Monty sound track which has the Strip Song as it's last track. I came to class with several "props" for the class to put on. These included but are not limited to... sunglasses, hats, visors, bathrobe, boxers, tie, swimming goggles, bubble gum rings, sweatshirts.... I also had a few "umbrella hats" which were quite funny. I had each person pick out 3 things to put on at the beginning of class. We had the props on through the warm-up, then had the fun. We started with the guys first removing one article, then sprinting for a few seconds. Then it was the girls turn. We alternated until the song was over. The song is short and goes fast. We had a lot of fun. Even more fun with a mixture of male and female participants. Even took pictures :) Most funny was a guy with a short pink floral bathrobe, swimming goggles, and an umbrella hat....


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