EASY Warm up

This is a Warmup pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9951)

Hi everyone...I've been using this sight since about the time I became certified to teach aerobics, maybe...2 years ago or so, and I have never had the guts to send anything in. I noticed a request for warm up patterns and figured EVERYONE could use this...it's just so easy. Hope it helps.

(assuming right lead)

Then begin with the first pattern on the left.

Grapevine in a box = taking the grapevines around the step (just to add a little variety.) Grapevine right and 1/4 turn to the east wall - Then grapevine left and 1/4 turn to the back wall -Then grapevine right and 1/4 turn to the west wall - Then grapevine left and 1/4 turn to the front wall. (No tap to go into your squats.)

To break it all down is also simple (which is why I like it). Start the first block with 32 counts of each component, then 16 counts and so on. The 2nd block can stay on the home side of the bench first, then take them around the bench.

Sometimes I just use one or the other alone, and use a longer break down depending on the classes level.

I hope someone can use this. Thanks to everyone that has submitted to this site. Don't know where I'd be without you.


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