It all happens on the chorus

This is a Cycling pattern from (pattern 9956)

I almost always cue my classes the same way with nearly every song:

Actions occur on/during the chorus.

I think this has been stated before on this board.

By incorporating actions, such as sprinting, jumping, running, standing, etc. with the chorus of a song, you can immediately make any song a two-techniqiue song, maybe even more if you incorporate a few variations.

Additionally, having the actions occur during the chorus helps participants follow along...when a slow song breaks away, if they are cued to pick up speed when the songs pick up speed, they will do so. And, it feels right because the song picks up, and so does the energy level, helping to motivate and drive the participants.

Song Examples:

Cue examples:

When the song picks up, we will too
When the song breaks away, so will we
If the song slows down, we do too

I find this an easy way to create an energy level that is appropriate to the activity.

It adds excitement because in any given song we might be working up a hill, then breaking away on the hill, then coming back to a seated position, and breaking away again, much like a road ride.

Additionally, I don't have to talk over the music very much at all--you just listen for the chorus and go.

The final advantage to cueing of the chorus: it enables instructors to use a wider range of music.

I hope this helps add a new dimension or perspective to your instructional toolkit!


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