The Ultimate Leg Workout in 1 move

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You are simulating a standing leg press with this intense exercise...Your step should be stacked 3 risers up on each side. You have a 12-18 pound bodybar over your shoulders, depending on participant's endurance level. You are standing with the front of your horizontal step behind you. Assume an elevated split-legged lunge (E.S.L.L.) position (i.e., place your right ball of foot on top of step so you are standing with left leg on the floor. Cue participants NEVER to allow the knee to extend beyond the toe when doing this exercise. Tell them to keep their chests up and shoulders back, abs in. All the weight is in the FRONT heel, which is the leg on the floor) Start with 8 "quad pumpers" by pumping body down and up, all the while in the elevated split legged lunge (E.S.L.L.) position. Tell participants to push up through their standing leg's heel as they "pump". This is the key to this exercise!

Here is the routine: 8 single down and up split legged lunges immediately followed by 8 "quad pumpers." Be certain to go down and up and really pump!...Immediately go into 2 counts down and 1 count up (PUSH UP THROUGH THAT HEEL!) in your ESLL. Follow this with 8 more "quad pumpers". Finish this intense exercise with 3 counts down and 1 count up, followed by the final 8 "quad pumpers." Pull top leg off step, stretch, and switch legs.

Your class will really feel this in their glutes and hamstrings, but you must cue them to push up through the heel of the leg on the floor. Let me know what YOUR class felt! ...From Linda in Louisville

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From: Louisville, Kentucky (USA)
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