Consistent Forward Target

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This is an awesome combination I taught to my class tonight. It's actually 16 counts, which we don't usually do in my kickboxing classes, but the class enjoyed this one. Keeping the idea that the target stays right in front of you, regardless of what move you are doing, so the moves always hit forward:

3 Right jabs, then duck, then right jab, left punch, right jab, left punch (first eight counts--it's fast, but with bpm at 128, your class should be fine)

After they get that down, add a right knee strike (hands up on count 9 and strike on 10), then round kick left, then strike right, then cross punch--remember the target stays directly in front of you--then side kick

Again--jab, jab, jab, duck, jab-punch, jab-punch, knee strike, round kick, cross punch, side kick

Then start it all over--do not alternate starting it on the left side, since 16 counts is difficult enough in kickboxing, and particularly with this combination.

Just remember to start with the first 8 counts, and we actually did the second set of 8 counts earlier, so we just put them together. Again, the class really enjoyed this combination.

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From: Bloomington, Illinois (USA)
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