Heart Rates Up

This is an Aquatic pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9962)

I usually use this combination and pattern after the first heart rate check. My combos last approximately 15 minutes. This is a good way to get people to sweat and talk about your class. If they keep up with this for the 15 minutes you and your students should have a pulse at 20-25 beats at a 10 second count.

Combo 1: facing the class, alternate left knee to right elbow, right knee to left elbow. Start slow then intensify it by putting a hop or a squat in between each alternating move. 16 count, now take this same move and travel right for 8, travel left for 8. Travel front for 8, travel back for 8. Now use the same pattern but bring both arms over, I say double arms. This combo moves quickly, depending on the tempo of music.

Combo 2: Same as above but use a scissor kick instead. Alternate arms and legs, then double the arms. Remember to hop in between movements

Combo 3: Same pattern but start with both arms above head. Right knee hip extend with right arm lat pull down. Same for left side, then double it up.

Combo 4: Right karate kick, dip left shoulder as right arm works the tricep. Repeat on right side. Now double it up.

Remember to travel or move left to right, front to back, this will intensify, create lots of resistance, and make them move a lot.

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