The Elevator (lower body)

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Hi everyone! I will attempt to describe what I call the Elevator. I got this somewhere but I don't remember where. You don't need any equipment. Body resistance is enough. Believe me!

Sit on mat with legs extended in front of you. Hands on mat underneath shoulders. Bend one knee and place that foot on mat next to extended leg, even with extended leg's knee & bulge in calf. Foot and leg about hip width apart. Next press through foot on mat and raise hips off the mat. The first few leave extended leg's foot on the mat as a lower intensity option. Then, lift extended leg with the rest of the body, making a nice straight "table" from foot to head. Make sure when they are lifting that the foot on the mat is above it's knee. When lowering do not touch butt on mat. Add tempo variations. I usually do 2 counts up, 2 down, then singles, then pulses at top. Good for quads, glutes and a bit of hamstrings. It always burns!

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From: Tucson, Arizona (USA)
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