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I have only been in contact with this website for a week. I wish I knew about this earlier! I started teaching step and kick-aerobic in a symmetrical way, but not 32 count. I am slowly learning so I will only post one combo.

The step is horizontal.

Right lead.

32 count. Repeat on left lead.

# Facing West, first tap your right foot on the board without placing any weight on your right foot, then tap your right foot on the opposite side of the board, switching your body weight over to your right side. Then tap your left foot on the step, and then bring it down to meet your right foot.

@ The abductor to the back will start with your right foot stepping on the step and abducting your left leg. The turnsteps will also start on the right lead.

** The single touchdown is a half of a hop turn but returning to the same position in which you started. At this point you will be facing West on the North side of the board. Place your left foot on the step and bring your right foot over the board, while turning on the step, and only touch your right foot on the opposite side of the board and bring it back to where you started. Bring your left foot off the board to rejoin your right foot.

This is a lot of fun for a more advanced class!

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