Kauai - Plank Variations

This is an Abs pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9978)

The following exercise is from one of the Master Your Body videos by Body Bar - I'm happy to give anyone the exact name and where to find these also. It also ties into Mat Science which is a format I use for body conditioning in the last half of my Monday class every week -Mat Science is a program offered by AFAA which I also highly recommend.

I used this exercise in 2 different classes this week and my students loved it - it's one of those exericises that looks intimidating so once you realize you can do it it's empowering.

Start in an incline plank - prone on your palms and toes, you'll want arms and feet about hip width apart, if you have larger sized feet, maybe even farther - in the incline plank position hug elbows in towards your body and hold navel to spine. Hold this for desired number of breaths - saving energy to move through the rest of the form - I might start with 5 - 6 breaths - then you turn towards the right so only your left palm will be on the floor, your feet go into a natural scissor and you are on the sides of your feet, from there lift through your left hip and oblique and reach towards the ceiling with your right arm. Cue long and tall, chest open, bottom hip lifted. Start by holding for 5 - 6 breaths then return to the incline plank for the same number of breaths and then take the plank to the left side. I usually cycle through this at least twice. For a wrist stretch in between rest your hands knuckles down on the mat.

This type of exercise ties in with core stabilization - using the abdominals as stabilizers rather than movers. Hope you enjoy the challenge.

Aloha, Petrina

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