Kat #8 ~ Mambo Combo

This is a Hi/Lo pattern from www.turnstep.com. (pattern 9979)

Combo 1

This self-reversing combo starts on right lead and ends with a left knee:

Repeat left lead.

Combo 2


Combo 3

Repeat left lead.

I start off with:

Walk up and back, 2 mambos adding on:

Walk up and back, 2 mambos, 4 out out in in. Before we walk up again tell the gang you'll do it on the left lead.

Practice left lead then back into right lead to add on:

Walk up and back, 2 mambos, grapevine right stepping out to a squat. Grapevine left stepping out for a squat. This teaches the class to prepare for the "step out for out out in in"

To teach the hip abductor: march 4 then side leg right, left, right...knee up and hold. Repeat left lead. Be sure to count 3,2,1 knee so they will learn the cue once you throw this thing together. Hint: when you grapevine right, then the first side leg will be the right leg.

From here, I put this all together.

Combo 3 ~ marching backwards can change to scoops. Anything that's high is fun.

I added this routine to the front of Kat #6 ~ Fun Floor after teaching #6 the previous week. I used Coed Training #2 by Dynamix.

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